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Junior fiction arrivals plentiful at Wadena Library

Below are listed some of the new titles we have received this past month.



"Home Safe" - Elizabeth Berg. Love, work and the absence of both figure prominently in Berg's latest, a rumination on loss and replenishment. Since novelist Helen's husband, Dan, died a year ago, she's been unable to write, and though her publisher and agent aren't worried, she is, particularly after a disastrous performance at a public speaking engagement leaves her wondering if her writing career will be another permanent loss. Meanwhile, daughter Tessa is getting impatient as Helen smothers her with awkward motherly affection. Tessa longs for distance and some independence, but Helen is unable to run her suburban Chicago home without continually calling on Tessa to perform the handyman chores that once belonged to Dan. And then Helen discovers Dan had withdrawn a huge chunk of their retirement money, and Helen's quest to find out what happened turns into a journey of self-discovery and hard-won healing. Berg gracefully renders, in tragic and comic detail, the notions that every life--however blessed--has its share of awful loss, and that even crushed, defeated hearts can be revived.

"Brimstone" - Robert Parker. When we last saw Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch, they had just put things to right in the rough-and-tumble Old West town of Resolution. It's now a year later, and Virgil has only one thing on his mind: Allie French, the woman who stole his heart from their days in Appaloosa. Even though Allie ran off with another man, Virgil is determined to find her, his deputy and partner Everett Hitch at his side. Making their way across New Mexico and Texas, the pair finally discover Allie in a small-town brothel. Her spirit crushed, Allie joins Everett and Virgil as they head north to start over in Brimstone. But things are not the same between Virgil and Allie; too much has happened, and Virgil can't face what Allie did to survive the year they were apart. Vowing to change, Allie thinks she has found redemption through the local church and its sanctimonious leader, Brother Percival. Given their reputations as guns for hire, Everett and Virgil are able to secure positions as the town's deputies. But Brother Percival stirs up trouble at the local saloons, and as the violence escalates into murder, the two struggle to keep the peace.

"Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous" - Fern Michaels. Financially desperate students at Berkeley, Peter and Lily resort to selling their genetic material to a local fertility clinic. They do not know each other, but each of them decide on the same day that it is their last time. When Peter and Lily literally run into each other, they share the same sadness over what they've done and agree that it felt like something nefarious was going on. Peter vows to return when he's made his first million and burn the place to the ground. Years later, Peter, now a billionaire, and Lily, a successful designer, each use the excuse of a Berkeley reunion to revisit the clinic. Shocked to see each other at the airport, they are far more alarmed by a massacre at a California school. Only a couple of students, presumably the gunmen, survive, and Peter is stunned to see that one of the boys looks just like him. It is now more urgent than ever for them to join forces in this thrilling tale of secret genetic experimentation.

"Three Times Blessed" - Lori Copeland

"A Vote of Confidence" - Robin Hatcher

"Summer on Blossom Street" - Debbie Macomber

"The 8th Confession" - J. Patterson

"To Know Her By Name" - Lori Wick


"Hooked on Minnesota Guide to the Good Life" - Dick Hill

Large Print Fiction

"Adventures of Tom Sawyer" - Mark Twain

"Home Safe" - Elizabeth Berg

"Immortal in Death" - J. D. Robb

"Into the Prairie" - Rosanne Bittner

"Just Take My Heart" - M. H. Clark

"Intent to Kill" - James Grippano

"The 8th Confession" - J. Patterson

"The Lost Quilter" - J. Chiaverini

"Unaccustomed Earth" - Lahiri

Books on CD

"3 Willows" - Brashares

"Half Magic" - E. Eager, Junior fiction

"Scat" - Carl Hiaasen

"A Book of Love" - McGowan

"Wayside Stories Collection" - Louis Sachar


Junior Fiction

We have many new Junior Fiction books among them are the following Maud Hart Lovelace nominees for 2009-2010

Division I, Grades 3 - 5

"Clementine" - Sara Pennypacker

"Cracker, The Best Dog in Viet Nam" - Cynthia Kadohata

"Fire From the Rock" - Sharon Draper

"Home of the Brave" - Katherine Applegate

"Leepike Ridge" - N. D. Wilson

"Life as We Knew It" - Susan Beth Pfeffer

"Notes from the Midnight Driver" - Jordan Sonnenblide

"Peak" - Roland Smith

"Schooled" - Gordan Komau

Division II, Grades 6 - 8

"Champ" - Marcia Thornton

"Star Jumper Journal of a Cardboard Genius" - Frank Asch

"The Homework Machine" - Dan Gutman

"The Thing about Georgie" - Lisa Graff

"The Year of the Dog" - Grace Liu

Junior Non Fiction

"Tornados!" - Gail Gibbons

CD-ROM Games

"Miracle on Ice"

"Underground Railroad"


"Dear Dragon Goes to the Library" - Marge Hillert

"Going Bananas" - Harper

"Pixie Hollow Paint Day" - Tennant Redbank

"Pokeman" - Triple Trouble - Whitehill

"Super Fly Guy" - Tedd Arnold


"Building a Road"

"Fire Safety in Action"

"Fire Trucks in Action"

"Hello Baby!" - Mem Fox


"You are Creative"


We have many new DVDs including the following:

"Bride Wars"

"Curious Case of Benjamin Button"

"Hotel for Dogs"

"Love Takes Wing"

"Music Concert" - Foreigner

"Practical Power of Yoga"

"Rachel Getting Married"

"Tropic Thunder"


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