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Lakewood participates in Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship

Lakewood Health System announced its fellowship with Cuyuna Regional Medical Center of Crosby to expand minimally invasive surgery service offerings right in Staples. Beginning in early 2009, Lakewood Surgeons have been in mentorship with Dr. Paul Severson, Dr. Howard McCollister, Dr. Shawn Roberts and Dr. Tim LeMieur, Cuyuna's minimally invasive surgeons.

Minimally invasive surgeries, also known as laparoscopic procedures, are highly recognized for short recovery times, minimal scarring and exceptional results; sometimes superior to open procedures. Minimally invasive surgeries only require a small incision to insert a tiny camera for the surgeon's navigation during surgery. The following general minimally invasive surgeries are available at Lakewood Health System through its fellowship with Cuyuna:

• Gallbladder removal

• Hernia repair

• Tumor removal

• Colon resection

• Reflux surgeries

• Spleen removal

• Appendix removal

• Polyp removal

Specialized laparoscopic surgeries currently available at Lakewood Health System include tubal ligation, urologic, sinus and orthopedic surgeries.

Lakewood Health System's surgical team consists of two general surgeons, Dr. Patricia Mahoney and Dr. Sandra Hanson; multiple consulting specialists; two certified registered nurse anesthesiologists; and more than 40 registered nurses, scrub technologists, and other support staff.

For more information about Lakewood Health System's surgical fellowship with Cuyuna Regional Medical Center, contact Cindy Swenson, RN, director of surgery and outpatient services at (218) 894-8534.