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May 11

• A vehicle driving along Colfax was stuck by a parked vehicle that was pulling out of its parking spot. The driver of the parked vehicle was to blame, a police report said, but the driver going along Colfax was cited for having no insurance. No one was injured.

May 14

• A pickup was traveling west on Minnesota Highway 29 when a northbound car on 7th Street NW failed to yield and attempted to cross the highway. Both vehicles sustained severe damage and were disabled in the crash. The driver of the pickup was checked out at the scene and was OK. The second driver was unbelted and "starred" the windshield, and was cut on the face and head. He was treated at Tri-County Hospital.

May 17

• Two vehicles traveling east on U.S. Highway 10 collided when the trailing vehicle wasn't able to brake in time to avoid the leading vehicle, which had stopped, waiting for another vehicle to make a turn. No one was injured. The leading vehicle suffered only minor damage, while the trailing vehicle had significantly more damage and airbag deployment.