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Verndale developing Web site

The city of Verndale will finally be on the information superhighway after hiring Sandie Cottrell to create a Web site.

The trial site is located at The final site will be the same address minus the "webs" portion.

Cottrell recommended the city purchase the enhanced package from, which includes 25 GB bandwidth, 750 MB Webspace, five e-mail addresses and 30 Webstore items for $99.95 a year.

The city will pay Cottrell $15 an hour to create and maintain the site. The estimated cost for Cottrell's time to set up the site is $350. She will take photos around Verndale and upload whatever information the city decides it would like to have on the site.

Cottrell is also the Web site coordinator for Verndale School.

The city ought to take a run at this, Councilman Bruce Koppenhaver said.

"We're behind the curve," he said.