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Woman accused of excessive abuse

A woman who allegedly turned to punches and kicks as punishment was charged May 1 in Wadena County District Court with six counts of malicious punishment of a child.

Court records indicated a man close to Heidi Denise Daley, 33, accused her of routinely hitting six children in her care, and he said about the punishment, "it gets to be more than a spank." The man said the children have always been punished with spanking, but starting in about November 2008, the punishment turned more violent.

Through interviews with the children, authorities learned Daley would hit children with a closed fist, often in the face, causing a black eye in one instance, court documents said. The kids also told police Daley had kicked them and hits them on the top of the head with knuckles.

Each count of malicious punishment of a child carries a maximum sentence of 365 days in jail and/or a $3,000 fine.

A first appearance was set for June 1.