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Nimrod farmer grows lettuce with a new twist

Farmers and consumers who want to see a solution to lettuce that bolts or turns bitter in summer heat will have the opportunity to visit with Mike Hamp at Calico Farms at a field day at his farm in Nimrod, from noon to 3 p.m. on June 13.

"I had not seen anyone using shade houses with jet fog misters to address the problem summer heat has on summer lettuce crop production," Hamp said. "I wanted to know if my new system could remedy the problem, and perhaps reduce the amount of water used in crop production."

The field day will tour the shade houses and demonstrate the use of the water jet misters, and will also look at the test control plots. Other crops such as tomatoes, green beans, carrots and herbs will also be shown. In addition, blueberries and a small apple orchard can be seen along with sweet corn and alfalfa crops.

Refreshments and snacks will be served. This field day is co-sponsored by Calico Farms, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's Sustainable Agriculture and Integrated Pest Management Program, U of M Central Region Partnership and Wadena Soil and Water.

For more information on this field day, contact Mike Hamp at 32251 Bunny Hill Road, or call (218) 472-3395.