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Police Scanner

May 10

• A Wadena woman reported that some of the neighbor kids were taunting the family dog, and there had been problems before between the dog and the neighbors, and she was now fearful they were trying to get a rise out of the dog. Police advised her of her options in dealing with the situation.

• A caller reported a man at a local motel was screaming and throwing things around. Other people at the motel had also complained about the noise. The man, who was asked to leave the motel, explained that he was watching hockey and he got a little out of hand.

• Police were called on a report of a man acting strangely near the bathrooms at the north side of Sunnybrook Park. The officer found the man lying on the floor of the restroom, and observed that the man had his pants pulled down below his private parts and was lying in a pool of liquid. The officer finally woke the man, who explained that another man had choked him and forced him to drink booze.

May 12

• A man reported seven firearms and a riding lawn mower missing from a residence in the Staples area.

May 13

• A door was discovered open at the Peterson-Biddick building, and a quilt-style blanket was found just inside the door. The building had a lot of water inside due to the recent rainfall and the deteriorated condition of the roof. No people were found in the building and police couldn't determine if any trespassers had been there. The door was locked to secure the building.

• A caller reported there was accumulated trash left behind on a property that was recently vacated. Police noticed old boxes, old tires, lumber, branches and other items on the property, which was now listed with a realtor. The realtor was informed of the situation and was checking into it.

• A caller reported hearing a very loud noise - such as a gunshot or a car back-firing - and it made the neighborhood dogs go crazy. Officers checked the area but were unable to find anything.

• A local business reported having 17 prank phone calls between 8:45 and 10:45 a.m. The calls were believed to be from a group of kids, because the employees of the business could hear someone coaching the caller on what to say. The calls were not threatening, but annoying, the business said.

• A driver was stopped for a loud exhaust and police determined the man was on probation in Todd County. He was given a breath test and urine analysis as ordered by his probation officer. He passed the alcohol breath test but failed the urine analysis. Todd County decided not to jail him but wanted an incident report for his court file. The man was returned to his car and was cited for the loud exhaust and no proof of insurance. He called someone to pick him up and the woman arrived and they drove away. But the officer noticed the woman driving had a suspended license, and mailed her a citation for that.

• A man reported the theft of a rotary brush cutter, log chains and load binders that were loaded on a trailer.

• A local motel reported the theft of a pillowcase and a microwave oven from one of the rooms. Employees of a nearby business also reported seeing a man walk by carrying a pillowcase sack with a large, square object inside.

May 14

• Wadena police responded to a report of a disturbance at the county courthouse. The man causing the disturbance had left by the time authorities arrived.

• A Wadena business owner reported the theft of a utility trailer sometime between May 8 and May 14 from the parking lot. The trailer is a 5x10, black metal-framed unit with a wood floor.

May 15

• The sheriff's office investigated a report of a man lying on the side of the road and not moving. The caller had tried to get close to the man to check on him, but the man's dog was keeping him away.

Police scanner entries are taken from call logs and police reports from the Wadena Police Department and Wadena County Sheriff's Office.