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Summer library programs about to start

We've celebrated Children's Book Week the week of May 10-16. Thanks to all who came in to cast your vote for your favorite bookmark in the nine different categories. Once again the four Wadena Deer Creek second grade classes put their art caps on for us and made some wonderful bookmarks for our 2009 contest. The votes will be tallied this week and the winner for each category will receive a best-seller children's book for their accomplishment.

Along with the second graders who participated in the contest, many of the elementary classes are coming to the library for stories, tours, and question and answer time in order to learn about what happens in the library and especially to hear about the Summer Library Program.

The Summer Library Program this year is called "Be Creative @ Your Library" for the kids and "Express Yourself @ Your Library" for our young adults. It's all about creativity and it all starts the week of June 8 and runs through the end on July with another outstanding program "Imagineering @ Your Library" by Robert and Lynn Halbrook. You may remember "Chef Roberto" from last year.

We are hoping to incorporate a lot of creativity into the program this year. The library has a Wii to be used in-house with "Rock Band," "Wii Sports" and "Dance Dance Revolution." We will also have a contest with our young adults on how creative they can paint a ceiling tile from our children's area. Guess what? I haven't even brought up the reading part yet -- lots of incentives and prizes of course for the kids to build upon their reading skills over the summer months. We want them to use it, not lose it!

I saw a very nice and well-deserved letter to the editor acknowledging our wonderful Friends of the Library board and members. I and my staff fully support those comments. This group and the many Friends groups throughout the state and the nation were developed by communities to provide support to their local libraries whether it be hours of volunteering, monetary help, etc. We are very fortunate here at the Wadena City Library to have the supportive group of people we do. We wouldn't have as many books or the public access computers we have without them. During these times of cutbacks they keep us a viable asset to our community. Thanks Friends!

Speaking of Friends of the Library, I'm sure you all know about -- as well as attended -- the book sale last week. They were very successful once again I'm told, so thank you to the community for all your support as well!

As long as we are on the subject of volunteering, there is one fine lady I would like to bring into the limelight and her name is LeAnne Ries. LeAnne has been a volunteer Wednesday morning storytime leader for going on two years now. She has written grants, obtained matching funds (some from our Friends of the Library group), and acquired many donations in order to build our storytime into a fun, educational and popular time for our young readers/listeners and their parents. Her commitment to the program is commendable. At a time when emphasis on early childhood literacy is growing yet funds for the library are diminishing we have found her service invaluable. Thank you, LeAnne.

Please remember to come in and sign up for Summer Library Program the week of June 8. And do me a favor and remember to shake the hand of a Friends of the Library member when you see one -- or better yet join them!

Happy reading -- see you at the Library!


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