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Random stories about me, Maybelle

The Vagabonds ended the activities week at Fair Oaks Lodge with an afternoon of music. Another afternoon, residents who wanted to and were able were taken outside for a bit. We are waiting for warmer weather.

This is National Nurse's Week and we salute our nurses. There are times when a nurse is the only one who can fill the bill. When we are hungry it is the kitchen crew who are in demand, if we are bored or want to be entertained the activities girls get our attention. Let things go wrong, or when we are worried or hurting and you will hear "Nurse! Nurse!"

Each year I ask folks at random what they would like to have me write about in this column. They suggested animals, storms, interesting people, trips taken or history. A number said the usual stories of fellow residents, while a few said they would like a piece about me.

Hmmm, what can I tell them about me?

I could tell them about the time when I was 8 years old and an Omaha doctor dropped a tonsil down my windpipe. Getting it out they hit an artery and I spent the next week in a hospital with a ice-pack collar around my neck.

Then there was the time the state poison control office was contacted when I ate a pill meant for a sick fish out of my pocket instead of a Tums. I seem to recall that a glass of milk every hour for the rest of the day was the antidote.

I sure hope nobody asks what I think of Kentucky. When our tour bus passed through it on our way to New Orleans I got locked in that little room at the back of the bus for most of the way. Nobody missed me until we were practically in Georgia.

Maybelle Dinsmore told us her story this week. She was born in Moorhead in 1921 to Otto and Lenora Mortenson. Otto was a real estate agent who had a large territory. He sold all kinds of property, from city businesses to farms. They had a large family.

After graduating from Moorhead State College as a teacher, Maybelle taught in the Moorhead school system for most of her years. She married Harold Dinsmore, a farmer. They have two children.

The Dinsmores took several trips to the east and west coasts, but like other successful farmers, Maybelle couldn't talk Harold into leaving his herd of milk cows in other hands for very long at a time.

Does old bossy know when a stranger is taking care of her? Yes, you bet she does and she'll prove it on the next milk check.

Looking back Maybelle is contented with the hand life dealt her. She had a great childhood, enjoyed teaching children and being the wife of that fellow who had a farm with the river running through it.

What more can she say?