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County supports PRRF governance proposal

Wadena County commissioners agreed to support a governance proposal for the Perham Resource and Recovery Facility that is also supported by Otter Tail County. The governance proposal includes a joint powers board with executive committee and interim operating and maintenance agreement.

The JPB would replace the current contract the counties have with the PRRF, said Otter Tail County Solid Waste Director Mike Hanan.

The proposed joint powers board includes Otter Tail County, Todd County, Wadena County and the city of Perham. Membership and voting would remain a factor of debt responsibility, according to the proposal. The voting percentage is proposed at 23.45 percent for Wadena County, 20.99 percent for Todd County, 45.68 percent for Otter Tail County and 9.88 percent for the city of Perham. The bond guarantees would be the same percentages.

Other stipulations of the proposed governance plan include:

• The city, Otter Tail County or a third party would act as the fiscal agent of the JPB.

• Ownership of the PRRF would be transferred from the city of Perham to the JPB.

• The JPB would identify participants to an executive committee that would oversee the facility operating and maintenance agreement and would be available to meet on short notice to address issues that cannot wait until the next meeting of the full JPB.

• Develop an operating and maintenance agreement and negotiate with the city of Perham to provide interim operating and maintenance services.

• Define each party's responsibilities as they relate to facility ownership, facility debt and waste deliveries.

• The city of Perham would not have a waste delivery responsibility. The participating counties' responsibilities would be as follows or would include any modifications agreeable to all three counties:

• Wadena County -- 6,535 tons waste delivery

• Todd County -- 6,840 tons waste delivery

• Otter Tail County -- 21,625 tons waste delivery

• During the interim operating period the JPB would evaluate options for future facility operations and determine how they wish the facility to operate into the future.