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May 3

• An officer was called when a woman reported hearing a lot of banging around and moaning outside. The officer searched the area and didn't find any people, but did see a number of deer. The officer attributed the sounds to the deer.

May 4

• Police were called to a possible domestic disturbance in an apartment in Wadena. They spoke to the man and woman there, and learned that the man had been on the Internet and saw another man had the woman as his number one friend on MySpace. He accused the woman of cheating on him with the man. The argument never turned physical, so the two were warned to discuss their problems in a more adult manner.

• A local car lot reported egged vehicles and windshields that were damaged, possibly by a pellet gun.

May 5

• A Remington .22 caliber pump-action rifle was reported stolen from a residence in Wadena. The gun also had a Bushnell scope on it.

• Police went to a trailer court on a tip that a man with an active warrant was there. While they didn't find that man, they ran into another man with an active felony warrant, and took him into custody.

May 6

• A woman reported she had $160 that she gave to her son to keep safe because she didn't have a safe place to put her money and things had been disappearing from her home. The son gave it to another woman to give back to his mother, but that woman didn't give the mother the money and went missing. The mother and son had heard the woman spent the money, and wanted her arrested. They also told police the woman was recently released from jail for writing dishonored checks.

May 7

• A caller reported someone had dumped a large amount of garbage in a Dumpster on private property without authority to do so. A magazine was found with the man's name on it, and he was contacted. The man admitted he had done it and it was a poor choice, and he said he would go retrieve the garbage himself.

• Police were called after an altercation broke out between two men. Around 9:30 p.m., police arrived to find the alleged assailant walking away from the trailer house, and police said he was "tensed up and he was growling." The assailant allegedly had gone to the house to hang out, but had started hitting on the girlfriend of the man who lived there. When he was asked to leave, the assailant allegedly started a fight, but some other men there grabbed him and threw him out. He soon returned, said "now I'm ready to fight," and grabbed the homeowner by the throat and threw him through a window. The assailant was arrested on suspicion of burglary, fifth-degree assault and damage to property.

• A caller reported to the sheriff's department that someone is "making health pills" and selling them on the Internet. The man could not be located.

• The Wadena County Sheriff's Department received a call from another sheriff's department which reported they found an 80-year-old man from Wadena County lying in the ditch while his vehicle was out in a field area. The driver said he was with his wife, but she was nowhere to be found. The sheriff's department reported the man seemed very confused.

• A person called and reported a bear in the back yard of the neighbor's house. The bear was gone once officers arrived.

May 8

• A man reported a red Dodge pickup pulling a horse trailer was going at a high rate of speed and almost hit a couple of other cars on the road. The vehicle was stopped and cited for speeding. It had one cow in the trailer. That driver said he was forced to drive like that because someone pulled out in front of him. He said the next time someone pulls out in front of him, he's going to hit them.

May 9

• Some longhorn bulls had gotten out of their pasture, and the owner was contacted and told to fix his fence so they wouldn't get out again. The owner told authorities that the fence was not the problem -- that the cattle had just figured out how to get out.

May 10

• A man reported to authorities that his relative had threatened to burn down the home of a man who had recently died because that man hadn't left him anything in his will. He had allegedly made threats that he would burn down the house so no one gets anything.

News items are from Wadena Police Department and Wadena County Sheriff's Department reports and call logs.