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Census-takers will be out; complaint hotline available

Over the past few weeks and into the next six weeks, U.S. Census-taking for address verification and number of people living at households will be an ongoing process, said Bill Cross, chief deputy of the Wadena County Sheriff's Office.

Census takers will be going on property to ask questions about occupants and addresses. If a landowner or homeowner has a complaint on the process, they should call (888) 340-7525. This number acts as a complaint line for home owners and land owners who may object to how this process was conducted by the census taker.

There is a training process that goes with the census takers and the U.S. government will take complaints and address them in the training process of census takers.

This can be a sensitive

issue to home owners and land owners when they are not present when census takers on their property, Cross said. This number may help them address any problem that develops.