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BPA nationals is cancelled due to swine flu pandemic

Wadena-Deer Creek Business Professionals of America advisor Sandy Bain was notified on Thursday, April 30 that this year's national conference in Dallas, Texas was cancelled due to concerns about the H1N1 form of swine flue. The students were to leave for Dallas on Tuesday, May 5.

"As of May 4, the national association is trying to decide if it will reschedule the conference in Dallas during the week of June 16-20," Bain explained. "Because of this cancellation, the students who have worked hard to earn money for this trip will lose 25 percent of their registration fees and have a non-refundable airline ticket through Northwest Airlines. If they do reschedule, the students will need to pay an additional $150 on their airfare, just to rebook."

To those businesses and individuals who have donated to this conference, Bain said Wadena-Deer Creek BPA will be using the donations to help cover these expenses as well as used toward next year's national conference.

"Most of the 13 BPA members from WDC who qualified for nationals still want to compete in June, but we will need to see if it gets rescheduled," Bain said. "Watch for more fundraising in the next month if the conference is a go."