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Your Letter: True 'Friends' of the library

A recent letter in the paper suggested that we think of the positives in life more often.

Marge Leslie has served for several years as president of the Friends of the Wadena Library.

She is to be commended for all of the time and effort she expends to the benefit of the library. When the book sale is held, which it will be early in May, she works hard to get everything set up and organized. Her husband also does a great deal of the necessary work in connection with that event -- setting up tables, moving boxes of books, etc. All of the members of the Friends organization appreciate what they do. Their efforts benefit the organization, and, thus, the Wadena Library.

We should also recognize Doris Veden, who organizes the volunteer workers who give of their time during the book sale. All are "positives" in our community. Hopefully, everyone in the Wadena area appreciates these people.

Laurel Schwartz