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April 15

• Officers were asked to do a welfare check on a man who had been acting normally, but suddenly was acting strange, flailing his arms and talking to himself. When police tracked down the man, they told him why they were contacting him. He explained he was talking to himself and flailing his arms because he was listening to music on his mp3 player. He was also cited for possessing a small amount of marijuana and having a marijuana pipe.

April 17

• Police were called to a two-vehicle accident with no injuries. The driver of a motorhome had stopped, backed up 4-5 feet and hit the vehicle behind him, then continued on his way. The driver provided an insurance card that expired in 2006, which the officer confirmed with the insurance company. The driver said he usually switches his insurance between his car and motor home, and he hadn't driven his motor home all winter. The officer reminded the driver that the officer had come to unlock the motorhome for the man when he locked his keys in the car earlier that winter. The driver said with old age, his memory wasn't good, and he just forgot to transfer the insurance. When the officer told the man he'd be getting a citation for lack of insurance, the man said, "Now that's uncalled for."

April 20

• A man reported finding cash in the street in Wadena, and said the currency was being blown down a gutter when he picked it up. He brought it to the Wadena Police Department and turned it in.

April 23

• An officer was called to the softball fields on a report of an altercation. Four young men said they were there playing softball and drinking when some golf balls started flying over the hill at them. They then saw a vehicle come from that general direction, and they confronted the driver, whom they suspected of hitting the golf balls at them. The driver said he hadn't hit any golf balls, and was just going to the ball fields with his son to show his buddies the new pickup he had purchased. The vehicle was searched and there were no golf clubs or balls.

• Around 9:15 p.m., a man was trying to turn into a parking lot, but two people were blocking the entrance to the lot. When the man finally parked his vehicle, he said the suspect who was blocking the parking entrance came over and punched his car.

• A man reported a young child, 2 or 3 years old, had wandered up to him on his property, and she wasn't able to speak. When he asked her where she came from, she began walking back toward a van, which the man noticed had an open door and a car seat in it. The parents were located and they said they were very upset and figured the girl had gotten out of the car seat while the mother went inside the home to use the bathroom.

April 24

• A man reported two young men had urinated in the trees with young children nearby. When the two young men were contacted, one of them admitted he had urinated in the trees.

April 27

• An officer investigated a broken rear window of a Jeep Cherokee. The officer noticed the pattern of where the glass landed, and surmised the window had been broken from the inside. He reported he has seen this sort of thing before, that a design flaw leads to some drivers getting into their car and the pressure of the door being slammed causes the window to be blown out.

• A woman received a check for $67,900.12 from CNOOC Oil Base Group in China. The check was fraudulent.

April 28

• A man went to the Wadena Police Department and reported a large amount of garbage had been strewn across the roadway near the Wadena County Solid Waste transfer station. The area had just recently been cleaned up by a Sentence to Service crew, and was now covered in refuse. A statement bearing a person's name was found at the scene, and that person said they had recently hauled garbage and lost a couple of bags off the trailer, but wasn't aware any had blown away. They said they would clean up the mess.

• Shortly after midnight, a man contacted police to report that he had been kicked out of a party and wanted to retrieve his belongings that he left behind. He said while he was there, a man had told him he wanted to fight him because he was wearing an earring, and the man had slapped him in the face. But the complainant didn't want to press charges. When the man throwing the party was asked about the other man's behavior, he said, "you know how people get when they're drunk." Then the man at the residence started to argue with the police officer about a citation the officer had written five or six years ago. The man told the officer the he thought he was a "punk [expletive] cop trying to be cool or something." The man said that was his opinion, and asked the officer if he was entitled to his opinion. The officer said he was. Then the man said, "I think you're a piece of [expletive]" to the officer. The complainant recovered his items and the officer took him home.

• An officer investigated a vehicle with a broken window. The driver of the car said the window had been broken at work that day. He also said someone had come onto his property at home recently and had cut his brake line. The man suspected a co-worker with whom a car pooling agreement had gone bad recently. That man was contacted and said he couldn't have cut the brake line because he was home all night and was too drunk to leave home.

• An officer was shown widespread profanities written on the children's playground equipment on the north side of Sunnybrook Park. The expletives were written in black marker.

• The Wadena County Sheriff's Department responded to a report of a man who had stopped a vehicle in an intersection and starting waving a knife around, making threats toward two people in the vehicle.

April 29

• A woman reported to police she had gotten into an argument with a young man and he had started making threats. The woman said she had been upset while talking to the young man and called him the n--word. The young man then started making threats through text messages, including telling the woman that he was going to "Virginia Tech" her and her family. The woman said the young man was seen outside in his car, just circling the block for about 10 minutes. He also put on his Facebook and MySpace pages that he had purchased a weapon, his mood was "excited" and he was going to use the gun to "hit" the family. The young man was arrested for terroristic threats and told police he was upset the woman had used the n-word and was just trying to scare them.

April 30

• Just before 9:30 a.m., a gas company reported a possible natural gas leak on the 700 block of Third Street SW. A one-block perimeter was evacuated as a precaution. The leak was discovered and gas company employees metered the homes of those evacuated to make sure the gas had cleared.

• Just before 1 a.m., officers responded to a fight outside a local bar. A group of men were upset by the way others were speaking to a woman who is American Indian and some of the men were using racial slurs toward her. The woman said she was just playing along with them.

• A sheriff's deputy was called for a report of an injured beaver in a man's driveway. The man said the animal was bleeding but was still alive and wouldn't move out of the driveway. The deputy put the animal out of its misery.

May 1

• A sheriff's deputy witnessed a man urinate on a garage behind the Wadena County Courthouse.

The preceding log was compiled from Wadena County Sheriff's Office and Wadena Police Department files and call logs.