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Wehmas sentenced to 72 months prison for shooting

Stephanie Ann Wehmas

A young Park Rapids mother will spend at least 72 months behind bars in the shootings of two men last summer at a rural cabin in Hubbard County.

Stephanie Ann Wehmas, 21, was sentenced to 110 months in prison Monday. She must serve at least two-thirds of that sentence with good behavior before becoming eligible for supervised release.

She pleaded guilty to two counts of First Degree Assault in a plea bargain that resulted in two counts of Attempted Murder in the First Degree being dismissed. A third count of Second Degree Assault was also dismissed.

Cody Allen Paulson, 19, received a gunshot wound to his upper thigh and Jason Howard Walker, 22, was shot in the hand in the domestic incident June 15, 2008. Paulson is the father of Wehmas' two young children.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections will determine whether Wehmas will be allowed visitation from her children during her incarceration.

Judge Paul Rasmussen gave Wehmas 299 days credit for time already served.

She received concurrent sentences for the two crimes, which will run concurrently with a third crime in Becker County.

The shootings arose out of an ongoing domestic disagreement Wehmas and Paulson were engaged in.

Her family has vehemently disagreed with the facts in the case and maintained her innocence, but Wehmas herself did not challenge the factual basis for the claims in pleading guilty.

Police records indicate the first disagreement occurred in April 2008 and culminated in the shootings on the night of June 15.

She had fled the scene when authorities arrived to find both men bleeding and injured in the early morning hours of June 16.

She was later apprehended near Osage, after shooting at Becker County authorities trying to apprehend her. She also pled guilty to that shooting and will serve 36 months concurrently with the Hubbard County charges.

When Rasmussen asked Wehmas if she wished to speak at her sentencing, she said "no."

Rasmussen will schedule a hearing to determine the amount of restitution Wehmas will have to make.

"It's extremely high," her court-appointed attorney, Michael Undem, told the court. He said his client will contest the amount.

Both shooting victims were hospitalized at St. Joseph's Area Health Services in Park Rapids. Walker was later moved to St. Mary's Hospital in Detroit Lakes to undergo surgery on his left hand.