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Wadena man charged with endangering children

Charges were filed April 20 against a Wadena man who police said was passed out on the couch while children in his care went missing.

Police received information around 2 p.m. on April 17 that two small children were playing near the curb of a street. They were also told that the man watching them, Charles Wesley Gilbert, 29, was intoxicated.

According to court documents, Gilbert was found passed out on the couch. When he was awakened, he was asked where the children were, and he said he had no idea. The children were later found about a block away.

One of the kids was very dirty and had colored marker all over his body, court records said.

The other child was found dressed only in a T-shirt, was naked from the waist down, and had colored marker all over her body as well, court documents said.

Gilbert had a .233 blood alcohol level when tested, according to court records. Two more infants were checked on, and they were covered in two blankets, and appeared to be extremely hot and overdressed, as the temperature inside the home was around 80 degrees.

Gilbert was charged with two counts of endanger child -- situation could cause harm or death.