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Pie in the face for charity

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Todd Hale suffered a more direct shot.2 / 10
Travis Hensch was a popular target, taunting the students into throwing pies.3 / 10
Holly Becker smiles as a pie grazes her face.4 / 10
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Silbernick didn't get far after toweling off, getting a few pies from the teachers6 / 10
Activities Director Brian Silbernick pulls his head out of the "pie hole" before toweling off.7 / 10
A chance to throw a pie in the face of your favorite teacher? That prospect had students lined up en masse.8 / 10
Travis Hensch glances over to see if Jay Patterson's cardboard design is fancier than his.9 / 10
Photo by Dana Pavek WDC's Emily Ament organized a pie-throwing contest to raise money for the World Hunger fundraiser involving several local churches.10 / 10