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Children's Author Lisa Bullard teaches WDC students how to spice up their stories

Photo by Dana Pavek/WDC Public Schools Children's author Lisa Bullard loves to visit schools, like Wadena-Deer Creek Elementary, to interact with young, budding writers.

Children's author Lisa Bullard spent a better part of a day on April 24 with Wadena-Deer Creek Elementary students "cooking up" stories from their vivid imaginations.

Donning a chef's apron, Bullard treated kindergarten through third-grade students to a clever approach to story-telling -- a cooking exercise. She began with the "basic ingredients" of character, setting and action, and then took students through the various ways they can add "flavorings" to their stories, including "spicy settings" and "tempting titles."

"It was fun to see the kids create stories using the 'recipe' process that Lisa Bullard had them participating in," said Deb Andrews, WDC kindergarten teacher. "She was able to keep the kindergarten classes involved as many of their creative ideas became 'mixed together' for an interesting and funny story."

Bullard said she was impressed with the level of brainstorming the WDC students demonstrated. "You can tell they've been exposed to reading," Bullard said. "The students interacted very well. They have excellent imaginations!"

Bullard is an author, freelance editor and writing teacher. Her books are humorous, colorful and warm-hearted. Her latest book, "You Can Write A Story!" has been recognized by teachers as an excellent writing guide. A longtime resident of Minneapolis, Bullard currently teaches writing at The Loft Literary Center.

Wadena-Deer Creek Elementary schedules a variety of writing, literature and arts residencies throughout the year to enrich student's learning and to broaden their horizons.