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Your Letter: Musky still on the go: now in Cancun

Dear humans,

Well, once again I nearly had the droppings scared out of me. Today I encountered another human wearing a police-like uniform. Yikes! But this human was different. I could not understand what he was saying.

I found out that he was a Mexican Customs Officer. I showed the officer my new muskrat U.S. passport, he stamped the first page and he let me pass. Whew, I guess there are no warrants out for me in Mexico.

Greetings from a place called Cancun! The beach here is incredible and the sea water is a bright aqua blue. I have never seen anything like this at home in Otter Tail County!

While taking a nap on the beach this afternoon, I was startled when someone poked me. (I had flashbacks from 8 years ago when I was napping in Wadena and was poked by a policeman.)

I rolled over to see who it was. Sitting upright on his hind legs was a rabbit with a big smile and wearing sunglasses! He introduced himself as "The Easter Bunny."

He told me that yesterday was a human holiday called Easter. He said that he works hard for months preparing for Easter. Then he goes on vacation.

This is great! I met my first celebrity! Tonight E.B. and I are going to some popular place here in Cancun called Señor Frogs. Maybe we will meet other critters to hang out with for the week.

'Till next time,

Musky the Muskrat

Cancun, Mexico