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April 17

• A Wadena woman stopped at the police department to report someone had caused damage to her vehicle while she was parked in the lot of a fast food restaurant earlier in the day. The woman said the other driver caused a door ding when that woman got out of the driver's side. The Wadena woman wrote down the license plate number, and it came back to a Perham woman. When the Perham woman was contacted by police, she said she didn't recall hitting the other vehicle with her door, but the two sides both provided insurance information. Damage was estimated at $691.

April 20

• Police were dispatched to a Wadena store after staff there allegedly caught a young man stealing one pack of Swisher Sweets Strawberry Cigarillos and one pack of Swisher Sweets Peach Cigarillos. There were two other young men accompanying the suspect. While being questioned by police, the suspect said he is on probation for check fraud, and told police about two other shoplifting citations he had been cited for already in April 2009. The suspect was polite, police said, but admitted he was a "kleptomaniac." The two men accompanying the suspect were questioned, and both denied the suspect took anything -- until police told them the suspect had freely admitted he had. Then they said they weren't aware that he had taken anything.

• The Wadena County Sheriff's Department received a report that three electric transformers and the meter base were shot out near County Road 1 and 131st Avenue. A bullet was recovered.

April 21

• A woman reported someone may have entered her home during the night. She said she woke up to a noise and heard her living room floor squeak, which she guessed was just her dog until she realized the dog was next to her. When she investigated, she found her back door and side door open, and found a wire lying on the floor. Nothing was missing, she said.

• A caller reported that while driving on U.S. Highway 71 near the Leaf River Bridge, her passenger side window was shot out of the vehicle. The deputy inspected the window and believed it couldn't have been shot out due to the angle, which would have also hit the mirror of the vehicle.

April 22

• Wadena police responded around 1:45 a.m. when a 911 call was received and then disconnected from a Wadena residence. Police went and talked to the man and woman, who were having a verbal argument, but both sides said they were OK. Both had been out of work for a while.

• Two dead dogs were found near the point where Wadena, Otter Tail and Becker counties meet. They were a black dog with a red collar and a young yellow lab with no collar.

Incident reports are from the Wadena Police Department and Wadena County Sheriff's Department.