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Sensing a 'mole,' three women frisk victim, are charged with sex crimes

Three women were charged with criminal sexual conduct charges in Wadena County District Court after allegedly fondling a woman outside a bar, saying they suspected her of "wearing a wire."

According to court documents, the adult victim went to the Sebeka Liquor store around 9 p.m. and she sat near the three women. While the three were outside smoking, one of their cell phones started ringing, and the victim brought the phone out to them and struck up a conversation about karaoke.

Court records said the victim asked if she could sing on the karaoke machine, and one of the women asked, "Why, are you wired?" When the victim asked what the women were talking about, one of them said, "There's a narc among us."

Court documents said Lesley Marie Yliniemi, 28, of Park Rapids said, "I'll check her out," and stuck her hand up the victim's shirt, feeling around for a wire or recording device. Looking on were Janet Darlene Burgau, 48, and Leann Ida Yliniemi, 33, of Sebeka.

"[The] victim said she stepped away from the three women but Lesley came toward her again and continued groping her," court documents said. "[The victim] stated that the feeling of her bare breasts by Lesley lasted for approximately six seconds."

Lesley Yliniemi was charged with fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct and fifth-degree assault. Burgau and Leann Yliniemi were charged with aiding and abetting criminal sexual conduct in the fifth degree and fifth-degree assault. All three were set for a first court appearance on May 4.

In a follow-up interview with a sheriff's investigator, Burgau said the group thought the victim was "a mole working for the sheriff's office."

In her police interview, Lesley Ylineimi claimed she had checked the victim for a wire at the victim's own request, and said her inspection was under the shirt but over the bra.