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Mounted Posse mock drill

Three "protesters" stage a sudden charge toward a smoking building Saturday morning in the Mounted Posse Mock Drill.1 / 9
Danny, the Wadena County deputy K-9, shows protesters his teeth.2 / 9
Protesters get out of hand in Saturday's drill as they prepare to pelt posse members with bottles.3 / 9
Photos by Brian Hansel A line of horses and mounted posse members take a stand against angry protesters.4 / 9
Ambulance personnel and firemen respond to a mock car accident during the Mounted Posse exercises.5 / 9
Wadena firemen prepare to douse a large stack of lumber during Saturday's drills.6 / 9
Riders force the angry protesters to give ground.7 / 9
Mounted posse members meet a line of sitting protestors on a Wadena street.8 / 9
Wadena firemen are called upon to stop three members of the public trying to offer them unwanted help in dealing with a house fire. All drills were set up to duplicate the problems encountered in real-life crowd control situations.9 / 9