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Wadena man charged with assault after argument over money

A Wadena man was charged with fifth-degree assault after an argument with his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend allegedly escalated to violence.

According to court documents, Jacob Edward Pugsley, 29, went to the new boyfriend's apartment looking for money. After discussion of a deal to trade three packs of cigarettes for a clothing dresser, Pugsley stated that he was owed money. He allegedly grabbed the male victim around his collar and twisted it tight.

The victim had visible red marks around his neck, court documents said.

Pugsley threatened to beat up the boyfriend and force sex with the ex-girlfriend.

Pugsley has previous domestic violence convictions in September 2001, January 2003, two from April 2008 and one from January 2009.

He has been scheduled for a first appearance in Wadena County District Court on April 28.