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Two charged with obstructing after SWAT standoff

Two people from Nimrod were charged with obstructing the legal process and possession of drug paraphernalia after a warrant arrest for each turned into a standoff with the SWAT team.

Daniel Lee Hansen, 48, and Robin Clara Peterson, 45, face charges in Wadena County District Court after the April 2 event.

Around 3:30 p.m., Sheriff Michael Carr, Chief Deputy Bill Cross and another deputy went to the Nimrod residence where they expected to find Hansen and Peterson. One of the owners of the property denied the two were there, but granted permission for a search, court documents said.

The investigators noticed two sets of fresh footprints leading to a motor home on the property, but none leaving, court records said. Cross yelled for them to come out, but no one responded.

As Carr "began sliding a rear window of the motor home open, someone inside the motor home reached through the window and grabbed Sheriff Carr's arm," court documents said. A male voice identified as Hansen's allegedly yelled for the officers to get off his property or he'd shoot. Cross began a dialogue through an open window. Hansen yelled, "Go ahead and come in, I'm ready for you." Hansen said if the officers didn't leave, he would blow up the motor home and "end it all." According to the court complaint, he told officers if they came in the door they would be shot and that he had a bomb in the motor home and a lot of people would be blown up if he detonated it.

Carr activated the SWAT team for assistance while Cross continued negotiating, court records said. Hansen continued to threaten to shoot officers and detonate a bomb, but he and Peterson eventually agreed to come out with their hands above their heads. They came out and were arrested.

After they were arrested, the motor home was searched for additional people and/or weapons. Officers found a baggie with what they believed to be marijuana, and two smoking pipes with marijuana residue, court documents said.

Hansen made his first appearance on the charges April 14, and was scheduled for a Rule 8 hearing on April 28. Peterson's first appearance was set for May 11.