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Hearing will be held before the Wadena City

Planning Commission on Monday, May 4.

2009 at 5:30 P.M., Council Chambers, City

Administrative Center, 222 2nd St SE, on the

application of John Gravelle, Kid Properties.

LLC., for Conditional Use Permit to increase

dwelling area of second floor in a CB, Cen-

tral Business Zoning District, located on the

East 25 feet of the West Half(Wl/2) and the

East 75 feet of the North Half (N1/2) of Lot

10, Block 6, Original Townsite of Wadena

EXCEPT the North six (6) inches of the East

50 feet thereof and EXCEPT commencing at

the Northeast corner of said Lot 10 and

thence West on the North line thereof 100

feet to the point of beginning; thence South

parallel with the West line thereof 50 feet to

the South line of said Lot 10; thence East on

the South line thereof 21 feet, 1 inch; thence

North parallel with the West line thereof 50

feet to the North line of said Lot 10; thence

West on the North line of said Lot 10, 21

feet, 1 inch to the point of beginning (121

Jefferson Street South) inside the City limits

of Wadena.

If a Conditional Use Permit is approved,

the applicant will construct an addition to

second story to add additional room to exist-

ing apartments on the property.

THIS NOTICE IS GIVEN pursuant to pro-

visions of Section 11.40, Subdivision 2, City

Code, City of Wadena and for the purpose of

allowing all persons interested therein an op-

portunity to be heard thereon.

DATED: April 16,2009

Byron Larson

Planning & Zoning Director

City of Wadena