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Strategic plan for WDC School District set for 2009-14

In February, WDC School Board members engaged in extensive dialogue to define a five-year plan for School District 2155. Strategic planning sessions took place over a two-day period led by Shari Prest, a veteran board member from Burnsville, and currently a consultant for organizational planning. Through her direction, a list of strategies and long-term goals were narrowed by school board members into the following areas of emphasis:

1. Provide students with a world-class education; help students develop life skills necessary to succeed in the global economy. (Provide a functional preK-12 curriculum, hire and retain quality teachers and staff, monitor and share Wadena-Deer Creek improvements, collect data on past graduates and look at outcomes for improvement, support student character development to include work ethic, and support building student self confidence and self-esteem.)

2. Maintain a fund balance that will support quality education. (Achieve a balanced budget and a positive fund balance, target a minimum of one month's operating expenses, seek out additional funding sources, and seek out savings through shared services and goods.)

3. Enhance communications among community members. (Seek community member dialogue and input, and communicate and acquire information through a variety of mediums.)

4. Expand learning opportunities for students, staff, and community through the use of technology. (Teach students to learn through emerging technologies -- to include on-line education.)

Wadena-Deer Creek school board members Ann Pate, John Moenkedick, Wayne Perkins, Dan Toedter, Steve Techam and Peter Hayes should be commended for their initiative to work on vision and focus on educational system improvements for WDC students and families.