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Wadena man charged for burglary, kicking cop

A Wadena man faces three crimes after allegedly violating a restraining order, breaking into a residence, and getting into a physical confrontation with police.

Daniel James Peden, 37, was charged April 8 with second-degree burglary, harassment -- violation of a restraining order, fourth-degree assault and obstructing the legal process -- interfere with a police officer.

According to court records, police were summoned to a Wadena residence on April 6 and were told a possible break-in was in progress. Police noticed the front door of the apartment had been forced open, and the apartment had been rummaged through.

A woman at the apartment told police Peden had called her 20-30 times throughout the day despite an active order for protection, court records said. When police found Peden, they observed a large machete knife and a dresser drawer near him. The woman said the drawer didn't belong to her.

As officers were trying to put Peden in the squad car, he allegedly kicked the car, banged his head on the pavement, slammed his head into the back of the squad car, and kicked a Wadena County Sheriff's Deputy, court records said. The victim's EBT card was also allegedly found in Peden's possession.

While at the jail, Peden allegedly told officers, "You can't keep me from [the victim], I love her." He also said, "You can lock me up for 20 or 30 years and I'll still be with her, nothing is going to stop me from being with her." He also told a Minnesota state trooper that he was going to "kill" him.

Peden has a prior domestic violence-related conviction in March 2009.

Bond was set at $100,000 with no conditions, or $40,000 with conditions, or $4,000 cash bail with conditions.