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Your Letter: Music libraries help veterans

We must never forget what we can do to remember or help our veterans. We're in the seventh year of this war. It's the longest in our nation's history with an all-volunteer force. There's less than one-third of 1 percent of Americans who are actively engaged with this war, and the vast majority of the rest of America is going about their daily lives.

Through their service in uniform, veterans have sacrificed greatly, investing of themselves in the security, safety and well-being of our nation.

It's because we remember our veterans that the "music libraries" for VA hospitals -- one in every state across the nation -- got started. Health Day News reports a study confirming that music therapy "can dramatically improve the mental and physical condition of patients."

Music therapy has been found to "improve the mood while decreasing pain, anxiety, depression and even shortness of breath among seriously ill patients."

To continue our delivery of music to a VA hospital across the nation, a fundraiser is being held. Tickets are available at the VFW in Wadena and Solar Accents in Wadena. A drawing will be held May 1 at the New York Mills VFW.

Sharon and Duane Thiel