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Your Letter: Alley Arts mural project update

The final 10 murals will be installed in the coming weeks. Some of this art is simply breathtaking. You will not only be treated to some stunning art, you will have a new feature to this lovely town well worth bragging about. More than 300 individuals have already worked on this project or given generous donations of time and money and all of those will be publicly recognized in a dedication ceremony planned for June 27. We would like to include you.

There are about 4,000 people living in Wadena and this means most of you have not heard our invitation to be a part of this project which will be a centerpiece to the tourism Wadena hopes to attract in coming years. Think about the impact you can have on Wadena; every dollar spent here by a tourist will roll over in our local economy nearly seven times before filtering out of the region. This strengthens job security for all your neighbors. This is something extremely positive you can make happen. You matter!

You are both wanted and needed to be part of this great fun project. It is our sincere hope that by June 27 we will need to honor more than 1,000 local persons. What a statement that will make about the people of this town, so here is your final invitation to participate:

Drop off or mail a contribution to Alley Arts Murals of MN in any amount between $10 and $100 (If you are school age, $5 will do) at Midland Savings Bank or at the Mall of Wadena or Village Emporium Coffeehouse and be sure to leave your name. Over the past four years, others have given more than $75,000, now is your turn to help.

What will this money be used for? We need to finish this entire project in the next two months. We have only a little more than $1,000 in the bank to pay artists and to buy lumber, fasteners and sealant for the final 10 murals. This is more than $1,000 short of those costs. Without your contributions we also will not be able to produce information signs for the art pieces. We will not be able to produce walking maps to guide tourists through the art. We will not be able to promote tourism into Wadena.

The completion of the Murals of Minnesota is one great opportunity to show the world what a terrific community Wadena is and to give all our friends and families elsewhere something huge to be proud of and point to that makes their home town unique and special. Please come be a part of this piece of your hometown's future.

David Evert, Art Director

Alley Arts Institute