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Verndale approves sewer, water project

The first phase of a major sewer and water main overhaul in Verndale is moving forward after the city council approved a series of resolutions relating to the reconstruction.

Year one of the project is estimated to cost a total of $898,900, according to Widseth, Smith and Nolting, with the city paying $618,400 and affected citizens assessed for $280,500.

Estimated assessment cost scenarios for the Farwell Street work range from $5,406 for a 50-foot lot to $13,514 for a 125-foot lot.

An estimated cost scenario for the back lot east of Thompson Street is $4,950 for a 75-foot lot. And the alley one work estimated assessments range from $1,364 for a 40-foot lot to $3,410 for a 100-foot lot.

Both sewer and water main replacement will be take place on Farwell Street from U.S. Highway 10 to Third Avenue. Sewer work will also be done on the back lot 190 feet east of Thompson Street, and alley one from First Avenue to Fourth Avenue. The city will restore gravel and pavement sections and boulevard areas.

The city will open bids for the project at 11 a.m. on May 12. The city may award the bid during a special meeting at 6 p.m. on May 18.

The council also approved an application to the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority for an estimated $319,900 loan from the drinking water revolving fund. It also approved an application to the PFA for an estimated $461,500 loan from the clean water revolving fund.