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Your Letter: Road 'turn back' a raw deal for townships

There seems to be no end to the spending being done by the county of Wadena. Every week brings reports of more people to hire, more equipment, technology and buildings to buy. The courthouse seems to have taken on a self-serving life of its own.

The board also continues to support the turn back of county roads to townships. There is no intention to have a proportionate cut in the county road budget or number of employees, just to give responsibility of these roads to rural townships. The carrot for the townships is supposed to be the $300/mile/year that they could collect each year from the state. But $300 per year will not even plow the snow much less fill washouts, haul gravel and make needed improvements. This spring, road conditions show the danger of this turn back. The townships do not have the personnel, equipment or tax base to take proper care of the roads they have. (In North Germany Township we have 21 miles now and the engineer's plan calls for almost that many more to go back.) This turn back amounts to nothing more than a huge tax increase that townships will need to impose. The money saved by the county will allow them to hire more people, and buy more equipment, technology and buildings.

Murlyn Kreklau