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Your Letter: Why even call it a 'budget'?

Daily, on television news, we see the Marxists in control of our government, talking about the federal budget. To an ordinary, thinking person, a budget would come about in a somewhat uncomplicated way. We have this much money projected to come in; secondly, we will spend it in this way, in order of priority. Those expenditures we don't have money for will have to wait until we have the income.

That is much too simple for our federal government. I don't have any idea why they even talk about a budget. What they have done is determine that they have only half the money they need for their wish list. The wish list, of course, is too important to put off for even a year. They borrow the money from, among others, our enemies in the world, and spend it with no control whatsoever. The only other way they could attempt to pay for everything they want is to double taxes. That, of course, even though our Congress would love to do it, is impossible. Instead, payment is kicked down the road to our children and grandchildren.

President George Bush made a big mistake trying to appease his Marxist foes in our government that are now in control. He and the Republicans in Congress wanted to spend like Democrats in the short period of Republican control, so they could all be friends. They didn't understand the snakes they were dealing with.

Now the fox is really in the hen house. Our government is totally out of control and Premier Obama is in the cockpit!

Bob Hunt