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Your Letter: Girls wrestling boys a lawsuit waiting to happen

I read a letter in last week's PJ complaining about a school not allowing girls to wrestle with boys.

I myself am not fond of the idea of young boys and girls wrestling together (although my teenage son may disagree with me on this issue). However I am not going to seriously object or tell anyone else what they can or can't do because this is still (although marginally) a free country. My biggest concern is not boys and girls rolling around on the mat, but what happens when the lawyers get into the tussle.

Sooner or later a complaint will be made and with all the activist groups waiting in the wings, and all the money-hungry, publicity-seeking lawyers, a lawsuit of some kind is inevitable. This is probably what the school in last weeks letter was afraid of. We should come to some kind of public legal pre approved agreement about the subject before a lawyer has a chance to sink his or her teeth into it because as we all know, many legal arguments today have nothing to do with common sense or reason. It's not so much a question of should boys and girls wrestle, but just how do we avoid the trouble seeking vultures when they do.

Oh, by the way, I am not including all lawyers in the "activist, publicity-seeking, no-common-sense or reason-trouble-seeking vulture" category. (With all my writing, I might need one someday!)

Daniel DeYonge