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Your Letter: Are you paying attention to the Capitol?

Well, election day is behind us. Since then, have you spoken to your representative about issues they are tackling for us?

Do you want medical marijuana made legal in Minnesota? Do you want early voting (up to two weeks) before election day? Do you want your taxes raised to solve our state's deficit? Do you want to continue to vote for judges or let someone appoint them? There is also a bill requesting the right for counties to appoint auditors, treasurers and recorders instead of them being voted in.

All we need to do is ignore the functioning of our state and we will lose more of our rights.

Whatever rights or powers government has comes from us -- from the consent of the governed. If we value that right at all, we need to stay involved.

Mark Murdock, our 10B representative, will be at the Minnesota State Community and Technical College here in Wadena on Saturday, April 4 and asks you to let him know of your thoughts and concerns. Speak up, dear friends, speak up!

Muriel Juers