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CSAH 30 washed out by flood, impassable

Wadena County State Aid Highway 30 near Staples washed out and buckled because of flood waters. The highway was closed and is impassible until the county can make repairs.

Flood waters washed out a portion of Wadena County State Aid Highway 30 between Central Lakes College and the Crow Wing River Bridge causing the highway department to close the road, according to a news release.

"The road will be closed indefinitely until repairs can be made," Engineer Joel Ulring said in the release.

This section of severely damaged road is along the Crow Wing River and the Vintage Golf Course north of Staples. The highway department is repairing several damaged roadways, according to Ulring, and appreciates people's patience and understanding.

"The road will be temporarily repaired and opened as soon as possible," he said.

People can contact the highway department at (218) 631-7636 with questions.

According to the Wadena County Sheriff's Department, the following roads are also impassable as of Tuesday afternoon:

• County Road 141 from CSAH 13 to Township Road 1 mile south

• CR 132 from CR 133 to CR 136

• CR 135 from Hwy 227 to CR 163

• CR 159 from CSAH 8 to end of black top

• CR 109 from CR 130 to Township Road 1 mile south

• CR 145 from 320th Street to 324th Street

• CR 131 from CR 132 to CSAH 8 -- open -- but flagged -- use caution

• CR 134 from CR 131 West to County Line

• CSAH 26 is closed completely

• CSAH 30 Staples, Golf Course is closed completely

• CR 118 9 mile Bridge is closed completely

• CR 118 south of Aldrich is closed

• CSAH 10 -- water over road -- please use extreme caution (drivers are recommended to stay away)

• 151st Ave. State Highway 227 to 260th St.

• 310th St. west of U.S. Highway 71 and west of 119th Ave.

• 119th Ave. south of 310th St.

• 159th Ave. 310th ST: CR 8 to end of black top

• 181st Ave. one-half mile s of 220th St.

• 204th St. -- Closed -- 211th Ave. intersection

• 220th St. between 211th Ave. and 205th Ave. is impassable

• 270th St. from 121st Ave. W to county line

• CR 7 is closed west of 221st Ave.

• 180th St. is closed at intersection of 181st Ave.

• 180th St. is closed west of CR 66

• 139th Ave. from 413th St. south approximately 500 yards

• CR 30 north of Staples completely closed

• 145th Ave. north 210th St. one mile

• 155th Ave. N 210th St. one mile washed out