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City council peruses new regional library contract

The Wadena City Council had a few discussion points to share with the Kitchigami Regional Library Board before it signs off on a new long-term contract.

City Administrator Brad Swenson said the current agreement is 30-40 years old, and the board is working to hammer out a new agreement with its partners. As the city council reviewed the proposed document, it came up with a few questions.

First, Swenson said, the new agreement calls for only elected officials to serve on the board, such as city council members. But Swenson said some non-elected officials who serve on local library boards would make excellent candidates to serve on the regional board.

Second, Swenson said Kitchigami, which currently owns all books and materials in the libraries, would turn over ownership to the local units. Swenson said the city council worried that if one library pulled out of the regional system, the other libraries would lose access to those materials.

The Wadena council instructed Swenson to write a letter to the Kitchigami board expressing the concerns. The regional library board had targeted the end of 2009 to have a new agreement in place.