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County's cash flow drying up

The projections for cash flow for each of the Wadena County funds are looking the way she anticipated -- not good, said Auditor Char West.

"The projection went pretty much as planned," she said. "Knowing it was going to be bad, but at least it went according to plan."

Social Services and Public Health are hanging in there, West said, but the general fund needs an advance to keep the cash flowing.

Tax statements are going out so revenue will be coming in, she said. It is amazing how many people prepay their taxes.

The county was prepared as well it could be, West said. The board and the department heads and staff who followed the board's direction deserve credit for delaying purchases. That needs to continue, she said.

"We are a team and we work as a team so we just need to stay on top and not let it lapse," Chairman Dave Schermerhorn said.

The board approved a cash advance of $250,000 from the tax and penalty fund to the general revenue fund to help with cash flow.