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Your Letter: How about sharing small acts of kindness?

Amy Killians's letter to the PJ last week noting a small act of kindness was a breath of fresh air, reminding us of often unnoticed, yet routine gestures expressing the most noble human quality -- care for each other and the community of all people. Sadly, on a national level we are too often witnessing outrageous self-centeredness and greed. We feel disappointment in our fellow humans because in our hearts we know we have the capacity to be much better.

The man helping the less able older man to negotiate hazardous sidewalks is the more genuine instance of our humanity. Wouldn't it be uplifting if the PJ every week for a year printed reminders of other positives in the "Your Letters" section? This would not only help us feel better about each other but also project a decidedly positive image of our community. Thinking pragmatically, our area might gain some extra points in the decision process of a family or business scouting to relocate.

For this to happen, writers would have to offer submissions to the PJ. Anyone, or teachers as a project in school or Sunday school, could generate all kinds of appreciation. They are so easy to find. As an example, perhaps unconventional but worthy of citation, are two local businesses that have quietly for many years offered services of salvaging, recycling, and sale of products not otherwise available: Ward's Auto Sales and Wadena Hide and Fur. We are fortunate to have these environmentally friendly endeavors available to us, routinely caring for us in the same quiet spirit as both Amy Killians's letter and the helpful man she cited.


Allan Lynk