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7,200 vying for 600 unfilled jobs

The latest Job Vacancy Survey from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development shows that in north central Minnesota, there are 7,200 job seekers competing for only 600 unfilled jobs. This means that job seekers outnumber job openings by 12-to-1.

Six months ago, the ratio of job seekers to job openings in the region was still less than 4-1. Since then, job seekers have risen 30 percent; job openings have fallen 62 percent.

Other major findings for North Central Minnesota include:

• More than half (54 percent) of all openings are part-time.

• Two-thirds require no education or training beyond high school.

The median wage for North Central Minnesota job openings is $9 per hour. JOBS NOW's updated cost of living research shows that in a north central Minnesota family of four with both parents working, each worker must earn at least $11.42 per hour to meet basic needs.