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Police Scanner

March 6

• A Wadena resident reported that sometime overnight, a number of items had been stolen from an unlocked Jeep there, including an XM Satellite receiver, 25 compact discs and four packs of Camel Light cigarettes.

March 9

• A man was confronted about causing trouble at a local apartment building where he was not on the lease and had worn out his welcome. The man became angry about the incident, and the management of the apartment drafted a letter banning him from the premises. When a police officer informed the man of the problems, the man became very upset. When the officer gave the man the letter banning him from the premises, he was even more upset, and left the police department. Moments later, he was overheard back at the very apartment he had just been banned from. He was cited for disorderly conduct and trespass.

• A man reported he was assaulted by an ex-girlfriend, who kicked him in the leg and punched him in the head. Police noted extensive injuries on the man. The man said the same woman had stabbed him eight months ago in Minneapolis. She was arrested for domestic assault.

• A man reported his .357 pistol may have been stolen from his shop. He uses the pistol for target shooting and may have left it in the view of customers, leading to it possibly being stolen.

March 10

• A person who was preparing to plow some snow reported finding clothing and shoes in the snow. An officer responded and was shown a woman's purple shirt, knee highs and boots. Another person at the business property reported seeing someone -- and it was unknown if the person was male or female -- standing and peeking around the corner on the south end of the building. There were tracks in the snow there and behind a tree where the person likely hid.

• Police investigated the theft of an iPod touch from a residence. The value was set between $250 and $300.

March 12

• A local pharmacist contacted police with a suspected forgery on a prescription. The customer bringing in the prescription was attempting to get Oxycodone and had a prescription slip. When the doctor's office was contacted, it was confirmed the signature on the prescription had been forged. The man said he had gotten a prescription for Oxycontin, but he took the slip from the doctor's office and attempted to get Oxycodone for his neck and back pain. The suspect said Oxycodone enters the system faster, and is more desirable than the time-release Oxycontin tablets. He was charged with controlled substance crime in the fifth degree.

• Around 9:10 p.m., a vehicle was reported stolen from a Wadena business. The victim was at the business and was approached by an acquaintance who was looking for a ride to the Twin Cities. When the victim refused, the acquaintance allegedly took the vehicle and left. He was later apprehended by the St. Paul Police Department in possession of the vehicle.

• A caller reported a woman had driven her vehicle into the caller's garage and left. When police contacted the woman, she said she had been at the residence in question but denied hitting the garage. As she spoke to the officer, the officer noticed the smell of alcohol and heard the woman slurring her words. The officer administered field sobriety tests. After failing the first two tests, the woman was asked to do the one-legged stand test. The woman replied, "I wouldn't be able to do that test if I hadn't had anything to drink, plus I'm 70 years old." She was charged with DWI.

March 14

• Sheriff's deputies were alerted to a situation where a man had his daughter with him and had suicidal thoughts, and was possibly headed to Wadena County. He had stated that he would "make this a day to remember." The man was never located in Wadena County.

March 15

• A glove was found in the street in Verndale, which the finder brought home and discovered possible meth inside the glove. The sheriff's office tested the substance inside and it tested positive for methamphetamine.

From the police call logs of the Wadena Police Department and Wadena County Sheriff's Department.