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ACS cable customers get new channels Tuesday

Arvig Communication Systems is adding seven new channels to its ACS Video Star Plans and one new channel to its Entertainment Plans beginning Tuesday, Feb. 10. These new additions include Big Ten Network, History International, Biography, Discovery Channel HD, A&E HD, FSNHD and Big Ten Network HD. Below are the plans and channel locations:

• Big Ten Network (Star Plan: Ch. 42; Entertainment Plan: Ch 39)

• History International (Star Plan: Ch. 109)

• Biography (Star Plan: Ch. 167)

• Discovery Channel HD (Star Plan: Ch. 425)

• A&E HD (Star Plan: Ch. 432)

• FSNHD (Star Plan: Ch. 453)

• Big Ten Network HD (Star Plan: Ch. 454)

In addition, the History channel will be added to channel 69 (Two Star) in upgraded areas and will remain on channel 110 (Three Star) in all areas.

ACS Video One and Two Star subscribers will need to reprogram their television to ensure all these channels are viewable. Set-top boxes for Three and Four Star subscribers will be automatically updated with the new channel lineup.

Current and new subscribers can visit to see an updated channel card.