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County approves temporary ban on sexually oriented businesses pending an ordinance

Wadena County commissioners adopted an interim policy banning sexually oriented businesses in the county based on the recommendation of County Attorney Kyra Ladd. The policy is pending the adoption of an adult use ordinance.

"This covers us until we get one," said Commissioner Mary Harrison.

Minnesota statute allows a county to adopt interim zoning policies as an emergency measure if it shows a good faith effort that it is pursuing a comprehensive policy. The interim resolution is limited to one year from the date it becomes effective with a one-year renewal.

The ordinance only applies to areas outside municipalities, which already do or do not have similar ordinances, said Commissioner Bill Stearns.

These businesses can't be eliminated totally, said Chairman Orv Meyer.

Deana Skov, zoning administrator, asked commissioners if her office would be responsible to enforce the ordinance.

They said it would probably fall under zoning. Chairman Orv Meyer suggested she check with Wadena County Attorney Kyra Ladd.

Auditor Char West asked Skov if the ordinance would need to go before the planning commission.

"That's generally the process and then I bring it back to the board," Skov replied.

Writing the ordinance will take some time, Skov said. Her office is currently working on a septic system ordinance.

"This will really help to give us some time," Skov said about the interim resolution.