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Wadena County commissioners unclear on coordinator vote

Several Wadena County commissioners did not understand a motion approving the one-year, part-time appointment of Mike Gibson as a human resources consultant, they said.

The discussion began during the approval of the Jan. 24 county board meeting minutes.

Commissioner Mary Harrison said she wanted it put on record that she would not have voted in favor of the motion if she had understood it meant approving Gibson's appointment. She thought the board was approving a proposal for the human resources/coordinator committee to research details and come back to the board.

"It was my understanding that we did approve the hiring on the recommendation of the department heads," said Chairman Orv Meyer.

"That was not my understanding," Harrison said.

Commissioner Lane Waldahl said he agreed with Harrison.

"That wasn't how it was presented," he said.

Commissioner Bill Stearns said he must have felt that way too because at the last board meeting he commented that no contract had been signed yet and the "devil is in the details."

"I said that last time so that must have been my impression," he said. "I can't think three meetings ago but I can think what I said last time."

Auditor Char West read the motion. It recommended the hiring of Gibson, she said.

"That was what was in writing that was presented to everybody," West said.

Meyer agreed, adding: "But ... like you (Stearns) said the devil is in the details. That's still being worked on."

County Attorney Kyra Ladd has to approve the contract, he said.

The committee hasn't been able to set up a time to meet and discuss the details yet, West said.

"We haven't been able to connect with Kyra, so it doesn't pay until we do," she said.

They plan to meet before the March 4 meeting, she said.

The board approved the Jan. 24 minutes.