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Fence ordinance passes in Verndale

Want to put up a fence in the city of Verndale? You'll need to verify where the property line is before you pound that first nail.

Disputes between neighbors have been brought before the city council in recent months, and an ordinance was drafted to deal with fences.

The main feature of the new ordinance is a required setback of at least two feet from the property line. The mowing and maintenance of those two feet would still be the responsibility of the owner.

If both owners consent, though, the ordinance allows for a fence to be built right on the property line.

Mayor Wayne Stave offered one amendment to the ordinance, which other council members agreed to: to determine the legal property line before a fence can be built, Stave said an official surveyor would need to be hired to verify the location of the property line.

The council adopted that provision, applying it both to fences built on the line and those that observed the setback.

Two Verndale residents detailed problems they've had with fences and neighbor disputes in the past at the Sept. 4 meeting in which the ordinance passed.

"That's exactly why we're doing this," Stave said. "That's exactly why we're setting up this ordinance."