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Verndale offers K-12 principal position

by Steve Schulz,


The Verndale School District may have found its man for the K-12 principal job.

Supt. Jim Madsen said the school board has approved the hiring of Paul Brownlow for the job being vacated by Dean Krogstad, who has taken a combined superintendent and principal job with another district.

Brownlow, currently a superintendent and principal with the Chokio-Alberta school district, was the top choice of the hiring committee, Madsen said.

"He interviewed very well," Madsen said of Brownlow. "He had very good credentials."

After the personal interview, committee members visited the sites of the top candidates.

"We went down and did a site visit, and comments down there were extremely positive [about Brownlow]," Madsen remarked.

He said the Chokio-Alberta district didn't want to give up such a good candidate.

"We were in kind of a tussle with them," Madsen joked. "They wanted to keep him awful bad, and of course, we wanted him."

The Verndale School Board approved a job offer for Brownlow at its May 29 meeting. Madsen said a verbal agreement had been reached, and all that remained was some paperwork to make it official.

Brownlow's wife is originally from Henning.