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Cuppy in second, Supper in seventh

Bethany Supper's journal

Monday, March 12

When I first heard about the Biggest Loser competition all I could think was, "Yes! This is the motivation I've been waiting for to get rid of those extra few pounds I gained from my pregnancy and to really jump start a healthier lifestyle for my family." I was a little surprised though to see that some people didn't even show up for our first weigh in. I thought to myself, you have a chance to win $5,000 plus you had to pay money to actually get into the competition. Why waste this chance? On the other hand though there is great competition and people who are really dedicated to a healthier life. Which makes me happy to have joined this competition.

Wednesday, March 14

Last week I weighed myself every morning, and every morning I watched the scale go down and down and down. Ever since Saturday, my scale has been at a stand still. I haven't really kicked into gear this week, but I realize that if I truly want to win this competition I have to go 100 percent every day. There's no time for procrastination. One good thing this week is things that didn't even come close to filling me up last week are filling me up before I even finish them this week.

Thursday, March 15

Today when I went to the gym I met one of my fellow competitors and we talked about the ups and downs of dieting and exercise. For me dieting is the least of my worries. I'm conscious of all the calories I eat daily, and because I'm not as hungry as I was before it's plenty satisfying for me to have a small salad, a glass of water and nothing else. On the other hand though, exercising is challenging for me. I find it to be extremely boring. There's nothing remotely fun or fulfilling to me to jump on a treadmill and walk. I did accomplish something today that made me very happy. Every time I go to the gym I do the elliptical. It suits me so much better than a treadmill. I can go on this machine and work out harder than on a treadmill, not get as tired, and lose more calories. Well today, I jogged on the elliptical for a half an hour and burned 400 calories. It might not seem like a huge feat to somebody who's there every day and in shape, but to somebody like me who hasn't worked out in over a year and who used to eat pizza three times a week like me, it's a huge accomplishment.

Saturday, March 17

Well I lost another three pounds this week and I'm ecstatic. I'm a little bit worried because I went to the gym five times this week along with at home exercising and I really thought I might lose more. I realize I can't lose 8 pounds every week, but I know now I just need to step up my game and my goal next week is four pounds. This week I'm going to try an hour of cardio and see where that gets me.

Dave Cuppy's journal entry

Tuesday, March 13

My first thought of the Biggest Loser was "competition." I like a good challenge and this one was right down my alley. Everyone that I have met has the same goal in mind and that is to lose weight. They all have been a very supportive; team support goes a long way.

The challenge of establishing a healthy eating lifestyle started several years ago. I am currently taking all the information and experience I have gained by my rides of the roller coaster effect on the scale and research to compile a food menu that will work for me.

I want to keep my routine very simple. At first I plan on just walking away from my fat. I use the treadmill and good music (that helps!) I will plan to change that when I'm at a more forgiving weight, allowing myself to do flex and weight training. The only true struggle I have is myself. I had to have a strong enough reason(s) to continue on when I would rather do something more relaxing. Being around for my family and hopefully future grandkids as well as my carrier at Tri-County Hospital in the EMS Department is a big motivator. Oh, I can't forget winning at the Biggest Loser.