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Cozy Twin goes triplet

Starting this spring, when Hollywood sends newly released films to Wadena the cans will be labeled "Cozy 3" instead of "Cozy 2."

The "3" will acknowledge the addition of a third screen theater to The Cozy Twin Theatre. Owner Dave Quincer plans on filling the new auditorium with movie fans by May 18, if everything goes as scheduled, he said. The third theater is located in the former site of Ameriprise Financial.

"So far, everything is going smoothly," Quincer said about the remodel. "Everyday there has been some progress."

The new theater will feature stadium seating accommodating 144 theater-goers including space for four wheelchairs. The seats will be the same color as the ones in the original theater that was remodeled two years ago, he said.

"But ... they're a step up from what we have in that theater," Quincer said. "They should be a lot plusher. The seats will have a thicker cushion and a thicker back."

He is continuing the burgundy and ivory color-scheme of the old theater, he said. Quincer is also trying to maintain the "old deco feel" restored to the original auditorium. A theater supply company found some antique light fixtures from a theater in Redwood Falls that Quincer is planning to rewire, paint and put up in the third theater, he said.

The screen in the new theater will be larger than the second screen length-wise, he said. In addition to the third screen, Quincer is adding Dolby Digital sound to enhance the original main theater.

Construction began in February, but Quincer has been thinking about an expansion for a long time, he said. Some people have questioned where Quincer would find room for the additional theater.

"This building is deceiving as to how much room there is in here," he said. "Mike's [Ameriprise Financial] office was only using half of the space that was there. And above the ceiling was another 10, 12 feet of empty space."

Quincer said people haven't requested he add an additional theater. He knows, however, there are times when customers would like to see a movie that he isn't playing but might be able to with a third theater.

"Right now ... there are ... movies that are available to me that I can't play because I'm in the second week of a commitment to another film," he said.

Quincer also hopes to feature a greater variety of films for young and old audiences, he said.

"Ideally, it would be nice if you could have a family film on one screen and maybe something aimed at the younger teenage audience on the other, and maybe an adult R-rated feature," he said.

Fitting the names of the movies he hopes Wadena will want to see on The Cozy's signature red and yellow marquee will be a challenge, he said.

"I'm going to have to get a little creative," he said.

When the movie titles are short enough, he will put them all on one side, he said. But, most of the time, people will have to get used to looking on both sides of the marquee for movies that are showing.

Quincer plans to return the name of the theater to The Cozy when The Cozy Twin Theatres is no longer accurate, he said.

The name won't be the only return to the past for the theater that has been in the Quincer family since 1923.

"For a lot of years we had three theaters," he said referring to Wadena's old drive-in theater, the theater the family owned in Perham and The Cozy. "We're back to having three theaters again. They'll just all be in one place and they'll be open 12 months out of the year."