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Verndale softball group seeks scoreboard

The Verndale Softball Club approached the Verndale School Board this week about helping in the cost of constructing a new scoreboard at the softball field.

"We really do need a scoreboard," said head coach Tim Seaton. "Fans don't know the score of the game ever. They're asking me all the time, or asking the players. The players need to concentrate on the game, not on giving out the score."

Seaton said a booster club raised enough money to make another dream of the program a reality: getting a pitching machine. A spaghetti fund-raiser in December brought in enough to finally order the device.

"The next goal we want to get to is a scoreboard," Seaton said.

He said he had preliminary discussions with Bob Wilkowski of Perham, who deals in that business. A low-end scoreboard would cost around $2,500, Seaton reported.

"You should sell some advertising on it like they do at the football field," suggested school board member Denise Bramer.

That idea was well-received by the softball group, especially after hearing how well the football sales had gone.

"Those advertisements went fast," said Supt. Jim Madsen. "They're already sold out, and I think they've only been available a week and a half. People are pretty behind the kids around here."

School board member Bill Blaha encouraged the group to bring back a specific request for the board to consider.