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County race results

by Sara Hacking,

Staff Writer

Dave Schermerhorn defeated Norman Hillukka to replace Dave Mattila, who is retiring, as county commissioner for district five. Schermerhorn received 667 votes and Hillukka received 566 votes. Schermerhorn was unavailable for comment.

Char West was reelected as county auditor/ treasurer. She received 3,441 votes and her opponent Rosalie A. Miller received 2,172 votes. West was unavailable for comment.

In uncontested county commissioner races, Lane Waldahl received 856 votes to retain his position in district one. There were 23 write-in votes against Waldahl. Bill Stearns received 958 votes to retain his position as commissioner for district three. There were 17 write-in votes against Stearns.

Soledad Henriksen won the uncontested race for county recorder with 4,721 votes. There were 24 write-in votes against Henriksen.

County Attorney Kyra Ladd was unopposed and re-elected with 4,718 votes. There were 34 write-in votes against Ladd.

The Soil and Water Conservation supervisor races were all uncontested. Ken Berg received 4,732 votes for district one. Marvin Runyan received 4,709 votes for district two. Ted E. Winkels received 4,647 for district three.